Quiet Title Actions

A Legal remedy for uncertain property ownership.

Christopher Wickersham proudly serves as representatives for purchasers of Tax Deeds in Quiet Title Actions, committed to swiftly securing Clear & Marketable Title at rates more competitive than any known competitors or alternative quiet title services. With a flat attorney’s fee of $1490, clients can expect a streamlined process typically completed within approximately 90 days. Moreover, the company extends bulk discounts for clients acquiring 5 or more properties within a calendar year.

Benefiting from extensive experience in the field, the firm successfully concludes 200-300 quiet title actions statewide annually, showcasing its proficiency in this domain.

A Note on Quiet Title 'Alternatives':

You should be aware of exactly what is offered by the ‘Quiet Title Alternative’ services, the two main players in Florida being Clear to Sell and Tax Title Services. First, they charge a higher price. Second, they will charge you almost $1,000 upfront just to tell you whether or not they’ll work with you. Third, they are not much faster. They can provide you with a certificate in 30 days if you pay an additional ‘rush fee’, their standard service takes roughly the same time we do, yet either option still costs more. Further, they do not actually provide you with Clear Title. They only provide a certificate stating that they will do the same thing we do for you now if an issue comes up in the future, meaning clear your title. We actually litigate for you now – in the present – at the end of which you receive a Final Judgment extinguishing all claims and providing you with Clear Title. You should also be aware that these certificates are time limited, and that if you do not immediately sell the property, you will pay even more to obtain a renewal or a new certificate. That is because they expire. These certificates are issued through a particular title underwriter these companies have a deal with. You are limited to closing with only that one title underwriter. Put in plain terms, the drawbacks are numerous, and you’re paying more than the real thing costs for an alternative which lacks many of the benefits of a quiet title. When you receive a final judgment quieting title from us, you can take this to any title company of your choice and sell or refinance the property at any time without any time limitations or restrictions. These services’ websites and phone reps routinely state inflated estimates of the cost and time involved in a Quiet Title Suit, to claim their service is cheaper, stating they take years to complete and cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is impossible under any normal circumstance. We charge a flat attorney’s fee of $1490 and the process takes +/- 90 days. No drama, like a $900 nonrefundable ‘research fee’ just to tell you whether we’ll even work with you.

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